"Painting a watercolor is an unfolding mystery. You don't know the outcome until the end!  The artist has an idea in her mind, but the fluid pigments have minds of their own.  The
painting evolves and the outcome is always a surprise,   be it successful or disappointing.  Painting watercolors is always a path of wonderment for me and I never tire of the journey."
  Diane Tharp has been a watercolor artist for over 20 years.  She lives in Fair Oaks, California. Her paintings reflect her love of nature and the amazing colors and moods found in the natural world.

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'Egret Triptych"     13" X 21"  prints $125
      7" X 11"   prints  $70

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"Brett"    Not for Sale

Below are pictures of commissioned murals.  Contact me if you are interested in commissioning a mural in your home.

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Current and Upcoming Shows:

    Come see my artwork at the Gold
Country Gallery in Placerville starting
June, 2014!

My newest series is called "Wildlife Recreation".  What do birds and other animals in the wild do to entertain themselves?  Here are a few ideas!
Recent Works......
"Biggest Fan" 13" x 21"   $400
"Crooked Glasses"   Not for sale
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"Chess Match"    13' x 21"        $500
                          Prints           $150
"Rubber Ducky Races:   13" x 21"      $500
"In the Rough"       13" x 21"            $500
"Snake Eyes"      13" x 21"       $500
"Choir Practice"     13" x 21"         $500
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"Jenga!"       13" x 21"      $500